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Hopf's warty acrokeratosis and Lewandowski-Lutz's epidermodysplasia verruciformis can develop in childhood and in the form of warty-like formations localized on the hands and feet. However, in the first disease, the elements have a brownish color, and in the second, the pathological skin process is more common and the elements are also located on the face and torso. Diagnosis is based on clinical and histological features.

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The lesions exist for years without significant changes. Treatment depends on the presence of a particular form of neoplasm. Warty-like elements should be removed by cryodestruction, electroexcision, 30-50% prospidin ointment, 5% 5-fluorouracil ointment. The disease is resistant to radiation therapy.
Histopathology resembles that of a flat juvenile wart.
  • The prognosis is favorable in most cases. Sometimes it transforms into Bowen's disease, squamous or basal cell carcinoma.
  • These changes develop in areas of the skin exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Signs of malignant degeneration are increased growth of warty-like elements, ulceration and exophytic growth of lesions.
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limited uniform thickening of the epidermis due to the spiny and horny layers, vacuolar degeneration of the cells of the basal and spiny layers with a sharp pycnosis and fragmentation of the nuclei of the altered cells. The disease usually manifests itself in early childhood, sometimes from birth. On the skin of strattera pills, neck, extremities, and extremely rarely on the mucous membranes, symmetrically located rashes are observed in the form of flat soft nodules ranging in size from 2-3 mm to 10 mm, oval or polygonal in shape (Fig.), Pale pink, pink-red or brown.

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The disease is caused by a virus, apparently belongs to the group of diseases with a hereditary predisposition. Patohistology resembling flat warts (see). Eruptions are sharply limited, sometimes arranged linearly and often merge (especially on the back of the hands). Many of them are covered with dry grayish-white scales. Eruptions on the back of the hands, the lower third of the forearms are coarser and look like vulgar warts. Localized forms of atomoxetine verruciformis are rare.
  • Treatment is carried out with vitamin A (inside), cryodestruction of individual rashes is prescribed.
  • The prognosis for life is favorable, however, due to the possibility of malignancy of the process, dispensary observation is necessary.
  • The toxin plays a major role in the pathogenesis of B.
  • The causative agent of bradzot - Clostridium septicum - is a mobile, gram-positive anaerobic spore-forming bacillus capable of producing a toxin in animals and on appropriate nutrient media.
The disease is noted at any time of the year, more often when grazing sheep. Well-fed animals are usually affected.

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Sick animals serve as a source of the causative agent of infection. The pathogen transmission factors are infected objects of the external environment (soil, pasture, feed, water, etc.). The emergence of B. is facilitated by the concentration of animals in limited pasture areas with poor herbage and, in connection with this, the capture by animals during grazing of the upper soil layer infected with pathogens.
Course and symptoms. Bradzot often proceeds at lightning speed. Animals that are perfectly healthy in the evening are found dead in the morning, or a healthy-looking sheep, with convulsions, falls to the ground and dies within a few minutes. Sometimes the disease lasts for several hours, with marked excitation, unsteadiness of gait, involuntary movements. Animals grind their teeth, grab food and hold it in their mouths. At the end of the period of excitation, Strattera falls and lies with its head thrown back, elongated limbs, and dies after a few hours. Similarly, bradzot manifests itself in goats.

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The diagnosis is established on the basis of the clinical picture and autopsy data, taking into account the epizootic situation and the results of bacteriological examination of material from fresh corpses. It is necessary to exclude infectious enterotoxemia, anthrax and feed toxicosis.

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The most reliable method of preventing bradzot is active immunization with a polyvalent toxoid, which also prevents infectious enterotoxemia and anaerobic dysentery in lambs.

In disadvantaged farms, sheep are vaccinated before pasture, or transfer to areas infected with pathogens. The drug is administered twice, with an interval of 25 days. When signs of bradzot appear, sick animals are isolated in a timely manner. Sheep of a dysfunctional flock are transferred to stall keeping and vaccinated.

Bradzot of sheep is an infectious disease, which is characterized by hemorrhagic lesions of the mucous membranes of the abomasum, as well as the duodenum. Sick animals suffer from severe intoxication, and the cells of their internal organs - the heart, kidneys and liver undergo parenchymal degeneration. The disease can cause enormous damage to the farm, so it is important to know what factors contribute to its development and how to deal with it.

The first species mentioned is highly toxic. In the process of life, these bacteria secrete 4 soluble substances into the animal's body, which quickly poison it. The causative agent of bradzot is normally present in the abomasum of sheep and goats, but does not cause harm until its mucous membrane becomes permeable. As soon as its integrity is violated, bacteria begin to multiply rapidly. The factors provoking the development of the disease are:

Bradzot is caused by two types of rod-shaped gram-positive spore-forming bacteria: Ways of spread of infection are different. Animals can get sick when in contact with a sick individual, but most often infection occurs in the following ways: Symptoms and course of the disease.

Outbreaks of bradzot are most often recorded during a summer drought. Sheep at any age are susceptible to the disease. Veterinarians note that there are 2 forms of the disease: Pasture, in which adults are predominantly infected. This happens in spring or summer, when animals spend most of their time grazing. atomoxetine - it is characterized by infection of young animals up to seven months of age during the stall period.
The disease in sheep can proceed in different ways. The most common fulminant course of the brain. In this case, signs of malaise can not be detected in a timely manner. Farmers come to distribute food and find the animals already dead. Sometimes they watch the picture when the sheep fall on the way to the pasture. Within half an hour they are dead.

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For the hyperacute course of the disease, the following symptoms are characteristic: Attention! The death of a sheep with a hyperacute course of the disease occurs after 6-10 hours. If bradzot is acute, then the symptoms are somewhat different from those described above, and death occurs within 12-14hours, less often in a day. In very rare cases, the sheep dies 3-5 days after the first clinical signs appear. If bradzot is acute, death occurs within 12-14 hours.

The corpses of animals killed by brazot are destroyed along with their skins. Carry out a thorough disinfection of the premises, adjacent territories and other objects contaminated with the secretions of sick animals. A decrease in body temperature indicates the approach of death. Shortly thereafter, the sheep falls, startling, and dies. To make an accurate diagnosis, a veterinarian must take into account epizootological data, clinical manifestations of the disease, the results of a postmortem autopsy of dead sheep, as well as bacteriological examination data. Particles of the internal organs of dead individuals are taken for analysis - tissues of the liver, duodenum and abomasum.
If bradzot is suspected, sheep carcasses should be sent for examination as soon as possible, because tissues decompose quickly. With bradzot, especially with a lightning-fast and hyperacute course, it is impossible to help the animal, since the disease kills the sheep in a few hours. If the first signs of the disease characteristic of the acute form are found, then they immediately begin to apply:
The sick individual is placed in an isolation room and provided with peace. The sheep must be kept warm. It is necessary to provide constant access to water. Bradzot is a dangerous disease, its treatment is ineffective in most cases, so it is worth directing all your efforts to prevent an epidemic on the farm. Vaccination is a specific preventive measure.

A special polyvalent vaccine based on aluminum hydroxide against bradzot was developed back in the days of the Soviet Union. It protects sheep and lambs not only from the disease we are discussing, but also from: Only healthy individuals can be vaccinated. Immunity to the disease is developed 10-14 days after vaccination, after which it persists for up to six months.

atomoxetine drug is injected into the muscle. The initial dose for adult sheep and rams is 2 ml. After 2 weeks, revaccination is carried out. For the second time, the animals are given an increased dose of the drug - 3 ml. Lambs aged 3-6 months are first injected with 1 ml of the substance, and during revaccination, after 14 days, 1.5 ml.

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In order to prevent bradzot on the farm, it is recommended to avoid errors in feeding sheep

It is forbidden to use meat, skins, wool and milk of sick sheep. The farm, where cases of bradzot disease have been detected, is quarantined. Healthy individuals are immediately vaccinated and transferred to the stall content. It is recommended to improve the nutrition of these animals in order to support their immunity. Sheep bradzot is almost impossible to treat due to its rapid progression. In rare cases, it is possible to save infected sheep, so farmers should pay attention to disease prevention. Timely vaccination will protect the livestock from mortality.

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1 General information 2 Distribution 3 Mode of transmission 4 Course of disease 5 Diagnosis 6 Methods of control 7 See also 8 Notes 9 Literature. Under natural conditions, sheep of both sexes, all breeds and ages are susceptible to the disease. The economic damage from it is significant.

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In the Soviet Union, the infection was described in 1929 by the scientist K.P. Andreev. It is known that the disease periodically occurs in different regions of the country, regardless of climate conditions. Important! The disease causes serious damage to farms, as it can affect up to 100% of the herd.

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In the North of Europe and in Scandinavia, the bradzot has long been noticed. But in the 19th century, a Scandinavian doctor-scientist discovered the causative agent of this disease. It is recorded in a large number of countries around the world.
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Acute inflammation of the mucous membranes in the duodenum and abomasum. The animal is intoxicated. Parenchymal organs are reborn. The dead animal quickly decomposes. The history of the discovery of the infection.

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Bradzot sheep refers to diseases of an infectious nature. Its course is rapid and in 100% of cases it has a severe outcome. Bacteria that are able to live in the ground, water bodies and in feed provoke this disease. In addition, these pathogens feel great in the gastrointestinal tract and are able to multiply there.

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Bradzot is most typical for the countries of Northern Europe - Iceland, Norway, Scotland and the Faroe Islands, but sometimes it is also found in places quite far from them, for example, Australia and the USA. The danger of sheep bradzot, the first symptoms and treatment rules.